The Elements of Life: Periodic Table Edition

I cannot count the number of times I have found myself in awe of the periodic table. With its crazy amount of information, I am both fascinated and perplexed. In a lot of ways, the periodic table is like life itself. We enjoy living, but understanding what life is itself can be hard to wrap our minds around sometimes. To help you understand life a little easier, here is a list of elements of life explained with help from six real chemical elements!

1. Life is as tough as it is beautiful

Beauty truly takes pain, and you can take this from carbon (C). The diamond form of carbon is the hardest known naturally occurring substance. The beautiful diamonds that we love and admire are created from carbon atoms under high pressure and temperature. These tough pressure and temperature conditions allow the carbon atoms that makeup diamonds to start growing as crystals.

Just how diamonds made from carbon require tough conditions to be formed, so do we. Life will give us difficult challenges, and it is up to us to use these challenges to form our best selves.

2. Life is lighter than air

Like many light and small things, life is very precious and hard to catch. Imagine trying to catch a fly in a jar- its quite difficult and Ive tried! Hydrogen (H), the most abundant element in the universe, is actually fourteen times lighter than air! Hydrogen also has the lowest density (mass per unit of volume for an object) of all gases. Life is like the fly we are trying to all capture in our jars. It is constantly drifting and being moved in every direction except our own sometimes.

Thus, dont give yourself a hard time if you cant catch life the way you want to every time. Being hard to get is part of the nature of life, so be patient.

3. Life will fix you up any way

I like to think of life almost like a filter. When you go through it, you will come out different than before. Certain periods and experiences in our lives act as filters that can help to fix us. This is very similar to how nitrogen (N), the fifth most abundant element in the universe, is fixed or made into ammonia by bacteria in soil during nitrogen fixation.. The ammonia that is created from this process (the nitrogen cycle) is then used by plants to be made into proteins and amino acids for plant health. Animals are also able to obtain these healthy proteins when they consume plants that have them.

In the same way that bacteria fixes nitrogen to improve its use, life fixes us to improve our use and our selves. Life will give you certain experiences and circumstances that will help you to know:

  • Why you might need to improve
  • What you can do to improve
  • What things are holding you back from improving

Never let a bad time in your life keep you from getting better in the end. Life experiences are made so that we can learn and be fixed by them.

4. Life is on with the in and off with the out

Take a breath in and let a breath out. As most of us know, our bodies let in oxygen (O), the third most abundant element in the universe, when we inhale the air we breathe (also make sure you check out my post Why You Need To Learn How To Control Your Breathing). Just how our bodies let in oxygen when we need them to, life will only let certain things matter in it at certain times too. At every period during your life, there will always be matters that are trending- these are things that are in. At the same time, there will always be matters that arent trending and are unpopular- these are things that are out.

Even though life and the world may have different definitions of what things matter, you need to make sure that you have your own. Life is always going to be on with the in and off with the out. Make sure that things that matter to you stand before what others think or what may be conventional and trending. While only certain things (e.g, money, fame, status, appearance, etc) may seem to matter in life and the world today, it may not tomorrow. Set your own terms, and follow your heart- not the trends.

5. Life remembers everything

What are you? Better yet, who are you? We know a lot about ourselves and even those before us because we have help from DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid). Our DNA has served to let us know the genetic history of generations before us so that we may understand more of who we are today. Phosphorus (P) is a very important chemical element that forms DNA. When phosphorus is in its charged molecule form as phosphate, it  combines with sugar to form the backbone of DNA.

In the same way that DNA takes record of all the genetic information of whole generations, life takes record of all the moments and experiences that go on during it. As much as we may try to forget or ignore certain things that have happened to ourselves or others, it is nearly impossible. Most moments that you encounter in life will, in someway or another, contribute to your being (e.g, may affect your mindset, emotions, or way you view yourself). The best thing to do with moments that we want to forget but cant is just to try to accept them and move on.

6. Life lived impure can get a little stinky

We all have that one friend where we find ourselves saying, Oh my goodness! What was that?!?, on occasion. Thats right, Im calling out those friends of yours who are responsible for the silent, but deadly, farts. They always come when you least expect them and they always come strong! Sulfur (S), the tenth most abundant element in the universe, is known to be quite stinky. However, sulfur only stinks when in the form of a compound (e.g, hydrogen sulfide or thiol). In its pure form, sulfur actually has no smell.

Like sulfur, make sure that you keep pure and positive influences in your life so that you can avoid the smelliness of bad situations. Im not saying you have to kick those farting friends of yours to the curb, but just make sure that you live as purely and positively as you can. If impurities in life are anything like farts, they wont stay hidden for long!

Thanks for tuning in, and I hope this post is super helpful and informative to you in your journey to an Ambi Sci Life. Hopefully, it will also be great for anyone who has trouble remembering elements and their properties for chemistry! So, remember to let your ambience shine from within with help from inspiring science posts by checking out more on this site

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